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What Dentists Are Saying

What Dentists are Saying

Practice FAQs

At BRT Financial Inc., we go beyond every effort to make financing as easy as possible for our clients. Below you will see the questions asked most frequently.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, we are here to help you!

How do I apply?

BRT Financial, Inc. requires a full financial package from the past three years prior to proposal and approval consideration.

What if I do not have a space lease yet for my practice start-up, or I have not found a practice to buy, am I eligible for approval?

We encourage you to line-up the right practice prior to beginning any project. Some landlords need to see proof of financing prior to lease signing but we don't recommend signing a lease before loan approval. Some practice sellers and brokers need to see that you are approved before they consider you as a potential buyer. But all practices are approved on the practice cash flow and your personal credit score and history, so only a full sellers financial package determines if the practice qualifies.

If I choose to start-up an office, rather than buy, how do I pay my construction, equipment, and obtain working capital?

BRT Financial prides itself on its practice financing programs. Once your approval is in place, and you decide to finance with us, we will pay your rent deposit directly for you with a copy of your lease, stating the amount needed. Once you have signed your contract with the construction company, you will fax that to us, as well. We will pay all deposits and payments directly to them upon their request. Once your equipment is invoiced, you will fax them to us and we will pay any required deposits prior to delivery, all remaining balances after delivery, as well as all payments in between.

If there is absolutely no money out of my pocket during the project, when do I begin to pay back my finance agreement?

Before you begin your project, you need to sign a proposal based on your term and structure from which you will choose among several options. If you are starting-up an office, we recommend you choose an option that best suits your needs, which will start the approval process!