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Direct Sales Credit Card Processing

Direct Sales Credit Card Processing

How To Acquire Direct Sales Credit Card Processing

Most direct selling companies require payment processing solutions that are specifically designed for their businesses needs. To this end, they often seek the services of traditional financial institutions that can help them integrate safe and seamless solutions for their direct sales businesses. Actually, credit card processing is beneficial for any organization that deals with direct sales brands.

If you are already in the direct sales business and you’re looking to engage in direct sales credit card processing, this post is for you. It seeks to explain how direct sales credit card processing works describing the various means of when and how to obtain credit card payments. You can choose to use a credit card reader device plugged into a smartphone, your Back Office system or a customer’s card.

Credit card processing for direct sales

Direct selling companies are always in motion growing and expanding their businesses. No one that’s not on the move is either retrogressing or shrinking. However, it is evident that the direct selling industry is growing by leaps and bounds, thanks to the companies involved. When it comes to direct sales credit card processing, it is important to note that there are several backend processors that can directly provide credit card processing.

While offering a full suite of payment processing options, it is important to search for a backend processor institution that fully understands direct selling and is also well-experienced in working with direct selling companies. Backend processing offers a less complicated path for those in the direct sales business as they help to handle both sales and backend processing.

Apply for a merchant account

In order to ensure that you get the best terms available for direct sales credit card processing, it is good you consider applying for a merchant account. Like applying for a loan, you should be prepared and professional during this process. Try as much as possible to present your best details as your company’s viability will be measured. Processors don’t like associating with businesses that are poorly run as they cannot only be costly but can also make them lose money.

Qualified underwriters will seek to know every detail about your company including reserves, settlement delays, and processing limitations. You stand to get better terms once you are adequately prepared and ready to answer all questions as pertaining your business. Your business would less likely be successful in all areas particularly if it’s being viewed as a low-risk. When credit card processors consider your business “high risk,” you can rarely acquire processing.

Basically, you need to assure the processor (bank) that your business won’t implode or grow faster than it could fulfill orders. In order to establish the best processing possible, it is quite imperative to understand growth from the viewpoint. There are a few reasons why processing companies consider most direct selling businesses to be “high risk.” These include the business opportunity and the type of products sold. Another risk factor is the ready ability of such company to experience explosive growth.


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Direct Sales Credit Card Processing Direct Sales Credit Card Processing