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Securing a mortgage or home loan can be stressful and overwhelming due to the complex processes involved. However, working with an experienced mortgage broker will help fast track the entire process. Whenever you require home financing, Dianne Crosby of Guaranteed Rate, Inc. is the ideal mortgage broker to turn to. We are one of the most reliable and trusted Berkeley mortgage brokers.

Over the years, Dianne Crosby has gained a reputation for helping individuals and families secure home loans quickly and easily. In addition, she provides expert advice and professional guidance to help clients make the right choice. With Dianne Crosby on your side, you are on track to secure the needed loan to purchase your home.

Can Mortgage Brokers Get Better Rates?

When looking for a mortgage loan, many homeowners and project managers secure the services of a mortgage broker. This is done out of the need to save time and money and secure favorable terms and rates. When you enlist the services of a licensed and experienced mortgage broker, you will eventually get better rates.

How Do I Choose a Mortgage Broker?

Apart from getting better rates, finding a mortgage broker saves you legwork, time, money, and stress. You will only reap these benefits when you are working with a professional and experienced mortgage broker. Below are tips on how to find a mortgage broker.

Research Online: The internet is replete with mortgage brokers’ websites with their profile and portfolio. Try to look at the reviews to see how well they are doing. Ensure that the reviews are up-to-date to be sure they are still operating according to their portrayed standards.

Seek for Recommendations: When you mention your intention to secure a mortgage loan either to your friends or to family, there is a chance that any of them would have a broker to refer you to. Your colleagues at work may be in the situation you and have enlisted a broker’s services. If they find their services satisfying, be certain they are going to recommend them to you.

Schedule an Interview: After you have researched online, read reviews, and get arrivals, call around to schedule a one-to-one meeting for an interview with the potential brokers. This creates an opportunity to ask them certain questions to ensure that their services are in line with your budget and objectives.

Ask About Fees: Mortgage brokers help clients secure loans from lenders at a cost. The profits can come in many forms, such as a percentage of the loan or points. A good mortgage broker will give charge you a fee that will suit your pocket. Therefore, it is important to inquire about their fees before working with them.

You deserve a good mortgage broker that will help you secure better rates. You will find an experienced and professional broker if you follow the tips above.

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Schedule an appointment with us today at Guaranteed Rate, Inc. to speak with Dianne Crosby. She will be happy to meet with you and discuss the home loan options available to you. With us, your troubles with securing a home loan will be a thing of the past. An amazing experience awaits you.

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