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Thirty Reasons Why
Dental Practices Have
Cash Problems!
1. Insufficient control over the cost and quality of your service.
2. Lack of proper stock control.
3. Paying too much for supplies.
4. Under pricing the services you are providing.
5. Poor patient relations.
6. Failure to promote and continue promotion of your public image.
7. Poor public relations with suppliers of goods and services to your company.
8. Management’s lack of ability to reach decisions quickly and act fast.
9. Failure to keep pace with management aids as conditions change.
10. Real and psychosomatic illnesses of key people.
11. Reluctance to be aware and seek professional assistance when needed.
12. Failure to minimize taxation through proper advice on tax planning.
13. Inadequate insurance programs.
14. Lack of planning and forward impetus in sales department.
15. Poor human relations with your staff.
16. Loss of key personnel.
17. Lack of total knowledge of your services.
18. Inability to foresee and cope adequately with competition.
19. Complacency about competition.
20. Failure to anticipate market trends in connection with your services.
21. Failure to anticipate market trends in regard to changing trends.
22. Lack of control of liquid assets.
23. Insufficient planning for future capital needs.
24. Failure to stay within the bounds dictated by capital availability.
25. Lack of budgeting or failure to adhere to budget.
26. Refusing to recognize factuality of financial position.
27. Poor record keeping.
28. Granting of too much personal credit.
29. Purchasing too much on credit.
30. Poor patient receivables control.

Dental Financing   Testimonials!

"I just want to say "Thanks for helping get into my new practice! If it wasn't for you helping me and knowing the right lender, I would not be in my own dental practice today. Keep up the good work and good luck to you!"
Dr.Denise F.  Hollywood, CA

"I would really like to thank you for your GREAT help in getting me this hard to fund loan. I tried every bank, no one wanted to help! I know that you worked hard and made it work. I will definitely refer you to my fellow doctors."
Dr.Emily W.  Las Vegas, NV

"48 hours after completing the simple on-line application, I received notification I had been approved for unsecured financing and just 2 days later had the money in my account with a great interest rate and fixed terms with no pre-payment penalties.

I am so happy I chose to work with BRT Financial and will definitely return when the future brings opportunity that needs funding. Thanks! "

Dr.Paul S,  Erie, PA

"My local bank turned me down! My family is friends with the president of the bank… and couldn’t get the loan".

The process was simple and in just 2 days they got back to me with a proposal and closed the loan. I am saving $2,440.29 per month and I will have it all paid off in 5 years!"

Dr.Ron R.  Morton, IL

"Everything was great. I did the verbal confirmation with Lindsay this morning. She will cut the check tonight for the funds and I will receive it tommorrow. You deserve every dollar for your great service and help! Thanks for making this work for me. You were the most honest out of every lender I dealt with over the past 6 weeks.".
Dr. James C, MD  Folsom, CA

"This letter is written to express my sincere gratitude to you for your exceptional service. It is encouraging to know that there are financial resources available that are sensitive to the unique needs and circumstances of physicians.

Through your assistance, I was able to "catch up" on tax payments and consolidate several high interest rate accounts. I personally consider our encounter a GOD sent. The paper work involved at first was time consuming; but the need for this information was clearly understood from day one. Moreover, I was very much impressed (from day one) by your patience, perseverance, and professionalism throughout the entire process.
Dr. Joseph S.
 Debt Consolidation   Conventional Financing For Dentists!

 The Dental Financing Program - Get Financing For Your Practice. . .
 Financing Still Available, Find Out If You Qualify!
Unsecured Loans For Doctors WORRY-FREE  –  Everything Handled!
FINANCING  –  Qualify!
FLEXIBLE  –  Less Problems!
EASY  –  Get Answers!

  1.  Dental Practice Acquisition
  2.  Dental Leasehold
  3.  Dental Equipment Leasing
  4.  Dental Practice Financing
  5.  Dental Practice Real Estate Purchase

  6.  Start-up Financing
  7.  Debt Consolidation
  8.  Marketing Consultant Financing
  9.  Working Capital

 Debt Consolidation   Financing For Dentists. . .
          Even Those Who Can't Qualify For Financing!

Loans For Doctors
The Dental Bank Program. . .
Turn Your Monthly Deposits Into Working Capital!

The Dental Bank Program Allows Credit Impaired
Dentists With FICO Credit Scores From 620!

Custom Financing Solutions With Real Personal Service:

Dentist Debt Consolidation!   Practice Expansion!     Practice Acquisition!     Working Capital!     Dentist Funds!     Practice Financing!     Dental Practice Loans!     Practice Start-Up!     Practice Acquisition!     Medical Real Estate Loans!     Expansion of Practice!     Partner Buyout!     Leasehold Improvements!

BRT has been successful in funding deals that have been turned down by other lending institutions, BRT turns dead deals into funded deals!

Call the number one loan source for your one stop Dental Practice Loans!   Financing available for all loan types, impaired credit and difficult deals our speciality!

Like most Dental Professionals, you may assume that a bank is the only place to go when your practice needs cash or to purchase equipment!

And, like other professionals, you may already have experienced the frustration of all the red tape involved with applying for a bank loan.

That’s why you should check out the fast, easy, most flexible way to apply, and get approved for financing.

And most of the time you can receive your financing request and include all closing costs in to the loan.

Working Capital, Business Debt Consolidation, Acquisitions, Expansions, Equipment and Other Needs!

Dental Debt Consolidation

If you’re like most Dentists today you might have debt from your practice and or personal debt which is haunting and stressing you out. There is help... you can get debt consolidation financing for all you practice debt and usually most of your personal debt. This is no lie; read Dr. Ron's testimony to see how BRT helped him with his Professional Practice Finance Debt Consolidation Loan!

Looking for a Professional Practice Start-up Finance Loan…

If you are a recent graduate or an associate who is exploring the possibility of beginning a new practice, our Start-up Practice Program is the product for you. We offer a variety of payment plans to suit your particular needs, including graduated payments spread out over seven years. That means your payments will be lower at first, and then stepped up as your cash flow improves.

We fit the programs to meet your needs! Read, Dr Joslyn’s testimony to see how BRT helped her start-up her practice. Used Dental Equipment… Dental Laboratory Equipment Leasing Whether you are looking to purchase used Dental equipment or new Dental laboratory equipment BRT can get you the financing.

Call for a quote today! Even if your credit score is low we can still help you! Usually financing is open-ended, permitting you to add or upgrade equipment as new technology becomes available and as your practice grows.

Dental Practice for Sale… How do you get the buyer the funds needed to complete the sale?

BRT Financial provides financial solutions exclusively to the dental professional. We are able to offer a broad range of special financing tools that typical banks can not and will not touch! The loan process is simple and BRT walks you through the paper work each step of the way!

Need Dental Financing To Pay Your Dental Practice Management and Marketing Consultant…

No problem! If you are looking to generate dental practice sales and need to hire a Dental Practice Management and or Marketing Consultant BRT can get you the financing yo need!

Dental Practice Acquisition Financing - Real Estate Purchasing - Leasehold Improvements…

Competitive, fixed interest rates with up to 100% financing and terms to fit your budget. Practice acquisition and real estate combination financing available! Includes financing for equipment, cabinetry, office furniture, supplies, fixtures, construction, renovations, design fee, architecture fee and more! To preserve your cash flow, there is no down payment in most cases.

Specialists in Dental Practice Financing!

Low Rate Credit Card Processing
Doctor Advance

Take advantage of the revenue boosting effect of accepting credit cards in your practice. This offer wtll beat any Credit Card Processing Progam offered, reduced fees and low discount rates.

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