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Dental Practice Financing: Dentists Budget Wisely for Practice Management Success

With interest rates still low compared to past years, many practitioners are saving hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month by Debt Consolidation. Dental Practice Financing is the way to help your Practice get out of debt and into profits!

Smart practitioners are reinvesting their savings back into their business. Often that investment takes the form of increased spending on dental practice management consultant.

Armed with extra cash and burdened by a busy schedule, some dentists mistakenly initiate dental practice management projects without a budget or plan. These practitioners may end up with an impressive new software or a reduced staff, without seeing any significant increase in their bottom line.

Creating a management budget is a three-step process.

Step One

Your budget should reflect the financial costs and benefits of implementing a management change to attract new patients compared with keeping the current ones. Are your employees attitude a problem and how can you correct it? You should also consider how many patients are moving on to your competitor? Why are your patients leaving you and how can you keep them? How much will that new software save you in employee costs? Calculations vary widely on the financial value of making management changes and you need an expert to point them out to you.

Step Two

Determine how much to spend on a management consultant. Some offices decide how much to invest in a management consultant by simply guessing what their colleagues are spending, or by setting aside three to six percent of their gross income. Instead, carefully work out the costs savings of each management change in comparison with the number of new patients reached and current patients saved.

Step Three

Assess your past management changes in terms of how much each strategy costs compared with how many new patients were attracted to the practice – and how much each new patient spent. This is time consuming, but it will be worth it! The money you spend on hiring a management consultant will be well worth it to your bottom line profits.

Consolidate your Personal and Practice Debt and see how your Dental Practice will Increase In Your Bottom Line Profits by utilizing an Effective Practice Management Consultant!

Now’s the time for Dental Practice Financing and to consolidate your debt- personal and business!

Dental Practice Financing

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